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Neocon War Hawk Flattened in Debate

In this interview, Scott goes into a great deal of discussion of how the neocons are essentially a network of family dynasties and their associates, who collectively form a de facto Trotskyist-Zionist “vanguard” similar to the Leninist concept of the “vanguard party,” which managed to assume the leadership of “movement conservatism” (an insurgency within the capitalist class by the Sunbelt against the traditional northeastern elites), particularly on foreign policy issues, and pushing the traditional Rockefeller Republican elites to the side or coopting them in the process.
Scott doesn’t frame this narrative in exactly the same way I would, but he comes close enough.

Tom Woods Show

In a recent live event in New York City, the heroic Scott Horton, our great foreign-policy expert, debated Bill Kristol, one of the most influential neoconservatives, on the wisdom of “regime change” in U.S. foreign policy. Scott joins us today to review the highlights.

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