Revolution and Social Revolution: A Contribution to the History of the Anarchosyndicalist Movement in Spain, 1930-1937


Available for the first time in English: “The thesis that John Brademas wrote in Oxford in 1953 was entitled ‘Revolution and social revolution: a contribution to the history of the anarcho-syndicalist movement in Spain, 1930-1937’ and it was overseen by Gerald Brenan and Raymond Carr (who at the time was lecturing at New College, Oxford). The thesis was never published in English. The Spanish translation, ‘Anarcosindicalismo y revolución en España (1930-1937),’ was published by Editorial Ariel (Barcelona) in 1974. It was prepared by Joaquin Romero Maura, a friend and colleague of Brademas’s at St Anthony’s College in Oxford and an expert historian on the “Tragic Week,” which he discussed in his book on Barcelona working class during the period 1899-1909. It was never reprinted.”


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