Beyond Left and Right

Anarchist News

Inspired by an anews thread that included a “you’re a leftist,” “no, you’re a leftist” back-and-forth, let’s talk about anarchists using terms like Left and Right, even as derogatory terms. These are boxes, part of a model, that has never helped us, and now is so reified that it doesn’t serve anyone. They’re handy terms to dismiss someone you don’t want to listen to anymore, but the labels The Right and The Left are no more nuanced than any of the other identity terms that many anarchists recognize as superficial and massifying. That said, models for groups of people can be helpful, so what are better models to use? Obviously anarchists are familiar with color-coding (red, green, etc). What if that were made more interesting? Shading? Hues? Polka dots? We got a ton of designers here, let’s mix that shit up. Or fashions, like crust punk, hot topic, etc. What would your creative and generous model be for how to understand and talk about differences and similarities?


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