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Interview with Anti-Conspiritualists on Ashland’s Anti-Mask Groups

In this slightly different episode of Us As We Are, we have an anonymous sit down interview with two of Ashland’s progressive activists, known to themselves as the “Anti-Conspiritualists.” In this interview, we discuss the growing Anti-Mask sentiment in the Ashland area, made up of an archetype of person being called “Conspiritualists” (meaning conspiratorial spiritualist). There is also reason to believe this group may have some connection with ideologies of hate, such as Nazism, due to the involvement of well-known anti-semitic characters such as Biome Erickson.
We cannot fully confirm the accuracy of anything said by our anonymous subjects in this interview, but what they have to say does seem to shine a light on a growing issue in the community of Ashland. To follow up this interview, we will be going to the anti-mask meetings and rallies throughout this next week to get the anti-maskers, and Biome Erickson’s, side of the story, if they will speak with us.

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