Breaking Points: 10/7/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar discuss the looming debt crisis facing the federal government, Biden’s approval sinking, gain of function research starting again, the real cause of Havana Syndrome, Jon Stewart’s return to TV, worker activity this month, worker strikes across the country, Biden caving to China, a conversation with Democratic socialist mayoral candidate India Walton of Buffalo, and More!

Debt Crisis: 0:0015:59 Biden Polling: 16:0028:35 Gain of Function: 28:3636:42 Havana Syndrome: 36:4345:55 Jon Stewart: 45:5655:56 Krystal: 55:571:06:46 Saagar: 1:06:471:17:56 India Walton: 1:17:571:33:54

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