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Curtis Yarvin (aka Mencius Moldbug): An Interview

By Lomez

Curtis Yarvin, also known by the pen name Mencius Moldbug, is an American blogger. One of the sharpest and most articulate critics of contemporary (US) democracy, Yarvin has gathered a substantial online following over the years, first with his (now-defunct) blog Unqualified Reservations (2007 – 2013), and more recently with his substack Gray Mirror. A self-described ‘monarchist’, and often credited as the founder of ‘neoreaction’, Yarvin has long been one of the leading writers and intellectual figures on the dissident Right.

As part of a series of interviews which will see various ‘dissident’ figures featured in our pages, we decided to reach out to Curtis for an exclusive interview. What follows is a written exchange between him and Lomez, one of our contributors and long-time reader and appreciator of Curtis’ work.

— The Editors

“Power owns [the] body, but has no purchase at all on [the] soul.”
— Curtis Yarvin

Lomez: In a recent post on Gray Mirror you identified three kinds of dissidents: 1) anons 2) pundits, and 3) “outsiders who DGAF.” While you concede that anons are capable of the best art — which you seem to imply is distinct from the best ideas — you also accuse anons of playing tennis without a net. So, having written for so long under a pseudonym, was Mencius Moldbug playing tennis without a net?


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