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Men and women have similar views on abortion

Research actually shows that women are slightly more likely to be pro-life than men. A problem that leftists have is that they claim to represent all women, all workers, all minorities, all gay people, etc. when it’s simply not true.


The gender gap on economics and national security is much larger.

It’s typical in progressive circles to assume that abortion politics is heavily driven by gender, reflecting the left’s conviction that the legality of abortion is fundamentally a question of women’s rights and bodily autonomy.

Polls, however, tend to show only very modest gender gaps in views of abortion. Women and men in the United States and elsewhere generally hold similar opinions — even as Democrats and Republicans offer drastically different ones.

This is particularly striking because gender-based opinion gaps are a widespread feature of politics both worldwide and in the US specifically. American women are far more likely to approve of the expansion of government programs than men, for example. Abortion just doesn’t happen to be one of the issues that display a notably large gender gap.

Men and women have similar views on abortion

In 2015, Vox and PerryUndem partnered on a polling project that tried to capture the full nuance of America’s views on abortion. One of the things it showed is that Americans do not understand broad ideological terms like “pro-life” and “pro-choice” in rigid ways or even necessarily see them as mutually exclusive.

It also showed that men and women are equally likely to describe themselves as pro-choice, while women are slightly more likely than men to describe themselves as pro-life.


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