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A Marxist Analysis Of The American Left

Historically, the original left was not socialism but the Enlightenment liberal philosophy that paralleled the rise of the bourgeoisie in opposition to the Ancient Regime. As an anti-bourgeoisie philosophy, it could be argued (and some have) that Marxism is not only anti-liberal but, a Counter-Enlightenment perspective rooted in Rousseau’s Romanticism and Hegel’s Prussian conservatism.

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You don’t have to be a Marxist, or even subscribe to Marxist analysis, to see how much of this analysis of the American Left is accurate.

Theses on Leftism – About “The Antileftist Marx” by Benedict Cryptofash

  1. Leftism is the ideological production of progressive capitalism.
  2. The left is the left wing of the bourgeoisie.

The Left wing of Capital; the Democratic party’s funding comes largely from the finance sector, literally Capital.

  1. In the US, the left = the Democratic Party.

As Aimee Terese says, Baby Boomer Democrats call themselves “liberals,” Gen-X Democrats call themselves “progressives,” and Millennial Democrats call themselves “socialists.” But these are merely labels, each generation claiming to be more left than the previous. In reality, they are all merely partisan Democrats. The Millennial “socialists” do not attempt to establish socialism, they attempt to sell the Democratic party line using socialist language.

It’s hardly different than “Constitutional Conservative” and “Libertarian” Republicans. The “Constitutional Conservatives” use that rhetoric to sell the Republican party line, the “Libertarians” use that rhetoric to sell the Republican party line.


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