State Repression

They Either Want Violence Or Abjection

By Peter R. Quiñones

With the introduction of an executive order mandating COVID 19 vaccinations for all federal employees, contractors and ANY business with 100 or more employees, forces within the government of the United States have essentially declared war on the lives and flourishing of its citizens. They are either seeking a violent reaction from the People, or they are counting on the People’s long-worn apathy to turn them into the Mao-era macerated, or welfare recipients. The only other conclusion I can think of is that they would be pushing for secession and federalism movements but that is unlikely.

As it stands, 54% of the populace has “chosen” to receive the jab. That leaves roughly 170 million who have decided against it. Let’s go with a low number and say 25% of them have chosen not to get vaccinated on moral principles. That’s 42.5 million people who are standing on principle. What does that mean?

42.5 million people is larger than the population of the overwhelming amount of countries on the planet. That’s a lot of people standing on principle. That should also be a white pill. How many are business owners? How many are specially equipped to keep the lights on in your town? To believe that the only ones not wanting to take it are bumpkins is ridiculous as I’m sure most of you reading this don’t want to take it and this probably isn’t only being read by my relatives in rural Appalachia.


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  1. What sucks is that if there is any non peaceful protests over vaccines it will be 1/6 all over again but this time on steroids’. George bush has already given them permission to use the national security state and trump has stated that he made the vaccines so he has taken ownership too of the vaccines. The courts are in a carl Schmidtian situation if one of these comes to trial which it will. On the election issue (the real election issue which WikiLeaks has possibly pointed to and thad russel has covered on his show which is of course dismissed as a conspiracy theory but then again the US does them to Latin america and middle east all the time so why not turn the cia back on the homeland) the supreme courts took the easy way out and let biden be president. The supreme courts could use old procedural rules and historical precedents about vaccines but even if it does occur (a ruling in favor of the mandates) it will seriously eat into the existing capital in society which is already at remarkably low levels.

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