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Vaccine Mandates and Heartbeat Bills: Two More Steps Toward Civil War?

A reader shares the following observation.

Although personally pro-vaccine, I agree…that a broad mandate like this is probably not a wise move. That said (and here my growing anti-capitalism shows, as a former doctrinaire an-cap), I suppose this is what you get when you combine a once-in-a-100-years pandemic with an economy (and employment) largely built around giant, concentrated economic structures like modern corporations, and a world economy built around Americans needing to continue to buy stuff to keep the whole thing going. Maybe that isn’t such a good idea.

Those who have heretofore refused the vaccine but who will now be economically forced to either be fired or get it, I imagine will — more than not — get it, albeit resentfully. And that resentment will fester and lead to further militancy, especially among those already so-inclined. Others will refuse outright and will find themselves with suddenly limited employment options. And even if the mandate is successfully resisted by red states, it just becomes one more log to add onto that red-blue culture war bonfire.

My impression is that at least on a psychological level (regardless of whatever the true scope and effect of each ends up being), a major red line was just crossed for both the Red and Blue Tribes. For the Blues, it was the Texas abortion ban (even though the right to an abortion will almost certainly remain in every blue state). And now for the Reds, this vaccine mandate (regardless of whether red states successfully resist it).

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