Tom Cotton demands Anthony Fauci be prosecuted for his lies

Cotton appears to be trying to advance his own position by promoting himself as the “anti-Fauci” now that Fauci has fallen out of favor with much of the Right. This guy is extraordinarily dangerous. A Cotton administration would be the worst aspects of the Reagan, Bush I, Bush II, and Trump administrations all rolled into one, a return of the neocon/Reaganite/MIC/supply-sider alliance while co-opting the populist, nativist, religious, and right-libertarian sectors of the right, and as pro-Saudi and pro-Zionist as the Trump administration ever was.

The Trumpists that comprise the bottom 85% of the GOP and the effete neocons or country club Republicans that comprise the top 15% are inherently in conflict with each other in many ways, even if Trump made all kinds of capitulations to the 15%. Cotton would be able to rhetorically co-opt much of the Trumpist base, while functioning as a complete tool of the 15%. It is very likely that a Cotton administration would initiate a regime change war with Iran, escalate the wars in Syria and Iraq, reenter Afghanistan, escalate the wars in Africa, and go all out on behalf of the KSA’s war in Yemen and Israel’s war against the Palestinians.  Cotton would likely assume John Bolton’s positions on China, the DPRK, and Latin America as well.

Cottonism would be a 100% return to Reaganomics, and would seek to roll back any efforts at criminal justice reform that has been made in recent years as well while strengthening the police state to an even greater degree. He is the perfect frontman for right-wing plutocratic elements that want the US to be organized on the model of a Latin America caudillo. There are other similar figures on the right like Rubio, Cruz, Hawley, etc. To the degree that Trump functions as a disruptive chaos agent and usurper within the GOP, he is performing a valuable service. He has essentially created the American version of a Le Penist party within the GOP whose base amounts to a coalition of neo-George Wallace Democrats, Blue Dog Democrats, and neo-Ed Koch Democrats. A considerable improvement over the Reaganized and Bushized GOP, if only for the purpose of undermining ruling class unity.

Arkansas senator discusses how internal documents contradict Fauci’s emails on ‘The Ingraham Angle’

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