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The Fundie Christian Boogeyman That Holds The Left Together

For the neocons it’s always 1939, and for the left, it’s always Salem of 1690.

By Banned Hipster

Steve Sailer writes about the KKKrazy Glue that holds the various racial groups of the left together, pretending to believe that the Nazi party and the Ku Klux Klan actually exist. Not an academic semester goes by without a Student of Color claiming to find a noose, or witness a secret Klan meeting on campus. One particularly hilarious one took a photo through a window showing something vaguely cone like, and posted on social media how they were holding Klan rallies in the classrooms after dark. Of course, it was the corner of a cloth cover for some sort of equipment. But it didn’t matter, he got all sorts of likes and retweet and expressions of sympathy for his viceral fear of being lynched because American colleges are hotbeds of Klan activity.

Another one, a Jewish professor took a picture of a swastika drawn in her office, and claimed that Neo-Nazis on campus had broken into her office at night to intimidate her, but she would not be intimidated by Neo-Nazis! Of course, the lock on her office door wasn’t broken, and the security cameras showed no one entering her office, so there is really only one possible explanation. What ya doing, Rabbi?

Well, what are straight white guys who want in on the action going to do? Claim they are oppressed by Christian Fundamentalists! Since the religious right peaked around 1988, after losing on ever issue, it’s really hard. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to try:


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