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  1. This sounds like a subtle misrepresentation of the meaning of a very recent report.
    While it may very well be that people who have been infected with COVID-19 ‘naturally’, have ‘better’ immunity’, that DOESN’T mean that such people are somehow better off!
    Think about it!

    They are MUCH worse off having gone through the disease itself. They would have been MUCH better off having avoided the disease, or if catching the disease, had caught it after being vaccinated. This is especially true for people who are older and have a few risk factors.

    • Ummm, sorry to rain on the fear porn parade, but nearly everyone I know who had covid (most people had it last year) and the vaccine later had a worse reaction to the shot than the real virus. My grandparents live in a old people complex and they are in their 90’s, the whole community gives no shits, and are back to playing cards and having Wii bowling parties. No masks. Every once in a while someone would need to go in for surgery and they would get tested, were told the have covid and would isolate even though they were not sick.

      They are no living in fear. What are you?!?

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