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  1. ” why is going back to school so important ?” I’ve heard the arguments about mental health, I agree it is a MH issue,but not the child’s, it’s the parents, as a society we’ve basically subcontracted the raising of children to strangers, the way the society operates it’s demanded, I can’t work if I have to stay home to tend to the kids, if I don’t work, they don’t get rich, so parents have lost the ability to parent and now they are breaking down from the pressure, it is very sad when the people having kids don’t feel capable of parenting and surrender the kids to strangers who they are convinced will do a better job, not only that, they’re mandated by the state to send em, I don’t know why we are not discussing this ? I can assure you it’s not the kids asking to go back, and if it is, it’s because school is better than home, if there’s a real crisis it’s these parents who can’t parent and are demanding someone else do it, I mean why else would someone complain about the kids being home ? I understand the socialization needs, I understand the education needs, but disagree we should be using them as reasons to put kids in danger, I oppose public schools in general and private ones even more, if a person doesn’t feel capable of raising a child, they shouldn’t have them, if a person isn’t capable of educating their children, then maybe they shouldn’t have them, now just because these people are realizing how incompetent they are these children will be put at risk, I have no solution that can be spoken of in publik, but if something isn’t done, I fear all hope will be lost, if it already isn’t, I hope you read this and can respond, if I am off the mark, I trust you will correct me, or at least share your opinion, be well, peloni almoni

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