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McDonalds And The Fall of Kabul

Wilder, Wealthy, Wise

Well, I guess that solves that problem.

The collapse of Afghanistan’s armed forces was total and complete.  Taliban soldiers entered city after city with little to no resistance.  As I write this, a tragic failure is unfolding in Kabul:  the last McDonalds® grill in Afghanistan is now shut down.

Beware the special sauce.

That actually (really) is the problem.  I was watching a movie the last night called The Outpost, which was about the battle of Kamdesh during the late Afghanistan War.  In one scene, the commander of the Army unit was negotiating with the native Afghanistan villagers.  “I can give you money, contracts, if you help me.”

He was talking in a mud hut with people who certainly use money.  But the people that he was talking with valued many, many things more than mere money:  in this case, religion and honor.  In the scene, however, the Afghan men lay down their arms so they can get contracts.  Who doesn’t like and want more money?


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