Left and Right

The Salazar Option

For many years, I have warned progressives that heavy-handedness in the name of progress frequently produces a less than happy ending for the forces of “progress.” Here it is.

By Christopher Roach, American Greatness

In recent years, Rod Dreher argued that Christians may need to retreat from a hostile world in order to maintain their way of life and their sanity. Modeling his proposal on the Christian monasteries that kept learning and culture alive in the collapsing Roman empire, he called it the Benedict Option. In a similar way, many on the Right have counseled starting families and creating separate communities composed of select groups of fellow believers.

There is a word for this strategy: “quiescence.” It is rooted in the belief that doing battle with the culture is both unlikely to succeed and also corrupting.  Proponents argue that it is more realistic to preserve a small flame of civilization than to try to spread the fire of truth in a hostile world.

The problem with this option is that it’s not an option. It’s giving up.

The forces of the aggressive, secular Left are not going to let any of us retreat into our own enclaves. They will hunt down every last private clubpizza shop, and bakery out of mere spite. They will steal your kids and destroy your life.

For anyone opposed to society’s fast-changing rules, you can expect the Branch Davidian treatment. 

Half-Hearted Resistance

This is no mere hyperbole. In the early 20th century, revolutionary leftist movements seized power in Portugal, Spain, France, and Mexico. They proceeded to suppress religious freedom, seize property, and inflict violence and disorder. This history has been mostly forgotten, especially in the United States, overshadowed by the twin monstrosities of Soviet Communism and German Nazism. But the aggressive, anti-Christian Left of that era is worth studying because it is similar in many ways to today’s militant leftists.


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