American Decline

Biden Approval DROPS To RECORD LOW While Delta Variant, Immigration Continue To Plague Support

On today’s What America’s Thinking, a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds 55 percent of voters approve of President Biden in the White House while 45 percent disapprove, a 4 percentage point drop from last month. Ryan Grim, Alyssa Farrah, and Kim Iversen discuss.

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  1. 55% approve? ? Where am I ? We must be living in the ‘swamp! There is no possible way that could be true! Everywhere you travel Biden is the “laughing matter of the day”,,,, it is now becoming more than ‘pitiful’ to mention simply because this situation with KUMOLA has become so pathetic it’s frightening—- Soros is about to get his wish! Sooo sad,,, we had EVERYTHING American w/ Pres Trump,,,, now everything is is becoming Hitler’s Germany and worse- which is Brennan’s Deepstate!

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