Left and Right

A Proposal for a New Alt-Center: Philosophy & Policy

By Robert Stark

“We will control the Horizontal. We will control the Vertical…. Another Dimension.”

Dimension X by Seven Red Seven

The dissident center is not an organized movement but rather a big tent of syncretic politics. I propose a new Alt-Center that has core political principles, a philosophical framework, and unique attributes beyond mismatching positions from the dissident left and right. The objective is to build a serious political foundation that can unite various groups that are politically homeless or at odds with the left, right, and mainstream center. A hypothetical Alt-Centrist might oppose gun-control, cancel culture, open-borders and interventionism while supporting drug legalization, free health care and anti-trust legislation, but the concept goes beyond just taking anti-establishment positions from both the left and right. There must be strong stances and principles that are unique.

As for philosophy, the Alt-Center takes a more “rightwing” or realist view of human nature that is tribal and hierarchical rather than egalitarian. However, unlike both the conservative movement and the Alt-Right, the Alt-Center seeks out progressive rather than reactionary solutions to address social and political problems: a politics of pragmatic dissidence.


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