The Democrats’ Kamala Harris problem

The poster girl of totalitarian humanism.

By Damon Linker, The Week

In a provocative Substack post, Matthew Yglesias suggests that vice president Kamala Harris poses a serious problem for the Democratic Party. On the one hand, she’s quite likely to be her party’s next presidential nominee, in either 2024 or 2028 (depending on whether 78-year-old Joe Biden runs for re-election and/or lives long enough to complete one or both terms). On the other hand, her popularity lags behind Biden’s, and the general sense in Washington is that she’s politically inept.

How could this be, when she’s won statewide office in California on more than one occasion? Because California is an overwhelmingly Democratic state — and Democratic Party politics in California incline in a direction that holds limited appeal, and is even downright unpopular, in other parts of the country. What direction is this? One, for example, that instinctively blames “sexism” alone for Harris’ struggles in the polls, even though there’s plenty of evidence that female politicians are quite capable of surmounting that obstacle to achieve political popularity in the United States.


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