Left and Right

Review of Robyn Marasco’s “Reconsidering the Sexual Politics of Fascism”

Some far-left analysis of the gender politics of the far-right. This description of the major players on the US far right at the present time seem accurate enough:

In the spirit of Marasco’s strategy of bringing together multiple perspectives, I have three suggestions for ways to move the discussion forward. The first is to expand the scope of what we consider under the category of “far right.” In particular, along with the usual suspects of white nationalists and Proud Boys, Patriot groups and QAnon conspiracists, I believe it’s also important to include the hardline wing of the Christian right—direct descendant of Andrea Dworkin’s “Ultra-Right”—whose goal of a full-blown theocracy is every bit as authoritarian and dangerous as calls for a white ethnostate.

Matthew Lyons, Three Way Fight


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