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Let’s talk about Trump vs the generals….

I don’t really agree with Beau here on whether the Trump came close to carrying out a coup on January 6.  The incident at the Capitol was a riot carried out by a group of inept yahoos, not a serious attempt to seize the reins of governmental power (Congress is not the real power anyway).  I’m not sure that a single vaguely worded speech by Trump constitutes a serious incitement to insurrection, either. Assuming a coup was Trump’s plan, he seems to have had virtually no support from anyone with access to power, including his own daughter, Vice-President,  and the leadership of the military, who had already overruled his wishes to send out the army to suppress the rebellion last year. No evidence exists that Trump had the support of the intelligence services. Without the military and the intelligence services, there is no coup.  Not even a hint of one. Nor is there any evidence of ruling class support for a coup, not even on the margins. Even the National Association of Manufacturers denounced Trump after January. One guy simply running his mouth does not a coup make, even if he is the POTUS. The kind of right-wing politician in America I would be concerned about would not be a used car salesman like Trump or a 20th-century model fascist, but a superhawk authoritarian who was able to unite the neocon/Reaganite/supply-sider GOP leadership, the Trumpist base, and the WN/CR margins in a kind of “old bourgeoisie” revanchism. Think Tom Cotton.

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