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Ivanka spent hours trying to persuade Trump to call off rioters, new book claims

Assuming all of this is true, the obvious lesson is that the real power behind the state is the military and intelligence services, and their allies in the business and financial sectors, and not the elected government per se, which holds more of a managerial position. Trump wanted to send out the army to suppress the protests/riots last year and the Defense Department overruled him. He wanted to challenge the results of the election and the military was prepared to overrule him on that as well. These events are illustrative of a theory in political science called “state autonomy” theory which argues the real source of power in society are those who have the weapons, i.e. the military, police, and allied forces.

Explosive revelations in an upcoming book obtained by CNN detail the final days of former President Donald Trump’s term. According to excerpts of “I Alone Can Fix It,” Ivanka Trump spent hours attempting to convince her father to call off the rioters behind the January 6 Capitol insurrection. CNN’s Victor Blackwell, Alisyn Camerota and Jamie Gangel discuss.

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