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How strong is Russia?

When the US collapses and is no longer the driving force behind NATO, the two main things the Europeans will have to worry about are renewed Russian expansionism and Turkey’s neo-Ottoman ambitions. Fortunately, Russia and Turkey will be a counterbalance to each other.

By Rebecca Cambell, UK Defense Journal

When considering how strong modern Russia is, the first thing to remember that it is Russia, not the Soviet Union, and not even the Tsarist Empire.

The resources available to Moscow today are far less than those that the Soviet Union commanded, and it controls much less territory than the Tsarist Empire. However President Vladimir Putin’s regime has stabilised the country politically and economically.

Viewed against the backdrop of Russian history over the past 700-odd years, during which the government of Russia has taken the form of autocracy interrupted by periods of chaotic anarchy (1), Putin has provided the average Russian with a significant degree of personal freedom within a framework of a significant degree of stability.

Putin’s Russia does not meet Western democratic standards, but it remains, for the average Russian, an improvement over the disorganisation of the immediate post-Soviet years and a great improvement over the Soviet period.


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