American Decline

A Post-American 4th of July in the Bay Area

By Robert Start, Medium

I spent the 4th of July Weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area with Matt Pegas (check out his Substack). The trip was short, but I was able to take in enough observations of the region to compare it to past trips. My observations solidify many of my conclusion about California’s demographic, economic, social, and political trends.

Revisiting California’s future of pan-enclavism, my overall observation is nuanced in that we are seeing greater fragmentation but with pockets of diversity, which like with the more homogenous enclaves have their own unique traits rather than being  part of one monolithic melting pot. These trends vary throughout the region with the region’s geography of many different cities divided by the physical barriers of the Bay and several mountain ranges forming a sense of a patchwork of pan-enclavism.


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