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Transgenderism: Is Restroom Choice All There Is to It?

A conservative Christian response to the trans movement. In my experience, the views expressed in this article are fairly representative of the “anti-trans” sectors of the conservative religious milieu.

By Jim Arrington, The American Conservative

The Supreme Court of the United States has once again revealed that they are robed invertebrates when it comes to hearing and deciding issues of grave safety concern to most of our citizens, deferring instead to political correctness.

On June 28, 2021, the Court declined to hear a Gloucester County, Virginia, transgender case, which required transgender students to use unisex bathrooms. The issue could have been addressed and if a constitutional issue was revealed, they could have shown some leadership in issued opinions. This might lead to settling the question in a way mutually acceptable to those experiencing gender dysphoria and those not suffering from the disorder by following the lead of other states. Illinois, for example, passed a law that requires all single-occupancy public bathrooms be labeled as gender-neutral and designated for no more than one person or family at a time.


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