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Trump Organization CFO surrenders ahead of expected charges

While it’s entirely likely that Trump and his associates have violated all kinds of laws (which is largely normal in “corporate America” and probably unavoidable given the prolificacy of overcriminalization and hyperregulation generally), this seems more like a calculated move to distract Trump from his position as the leadership of the “opposition party.” It may be intended to send a message that more serious action can be taken in the future. Increasingly, it appears both parties are looking for ways to create a de facto one-party state for themselves.

Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg surrendered to authorities early Thursday ahead of expected charges against him and former President Donald Trump’s company, according to multiple news outlets.

Weisselberg was seen walking into the the courthouse in lower Manhattan around 6:20 a.m. with his lawyer.

New York prosecutors are expected to announce the first criminal indictment Thursday in a two-year investigation into Trump’s business practices, accusing his namesake company and Weisselberg of tax crimes related to fringe benefits for employees.


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