Let’s talk about Madison Cawthorn’s Vietnam comparison….

This is a pretty good discussion of the problematic aspects of the “cold dead fingers” types who cite Vietnam as a model for insurrection in the US. Beau is absolutely correct that the Viet Cong won only because they took over a million casualties in a war of attrition, and they had the conventional military forces of the RNV backing them. He’s also correct that in a civil war in the US foreign entities would flood the US with weapons (and, perhaps, troops of their own). Some would do so because they want one or another side to win (for example, the EU backing the Blue Tribe), or because the collapse of the US would take down their own economy (a fear East Asian countries, including China, would have), or because they want the US to be put out of commission (an outcome Russia and a number of other Eastern or “Global South” countries would prefer).

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