Defanging Authoritarian Ideologies

Recently, I posted the following comments on social media in response to the Confederate flag/monuments ongoing controversy:

But what is the American flag to people all over the world who have been conquered, subjugated, killed, maimed, impoverished, etc. by Americans? The fixation on the Confederacy seems to be selective outrage/special pleading whose purpose is to function as a distraction from actual contemporary issues and to de-contextualize a much, much larger conflict.

The US ruling class opposes the Confederate flag for the same reason they oppose the flag of the former Spanish empire or the former Iroquois Confederation or the former Kingdom of Hawaii or the flag of the Republic of Vietnam. It’s just that selective, manufactured outrage over Confederate symbolism is easier to produce within the context of the contemporary rendition of the American civil religion.

I would regard Confederatism, Americanism, Britainism, Frenchism, Nazism, or Communism the same way I would regard Catholicism, Islam, Calvinism, Lutheranism, Hinduism, or Zoroastrianism. In older societies, states were organized on the basis of religion. In modern societies, states are organized on the basis of ideology. There is always somebody somewhere who has some kind of vendetta or victim narrative against every ideology, just like you have the same regarding every religion. It’s just what people do.

A friend who is a conservative Republican Trump voter, but who is also sympathetic to some of the ideas we discuss here ATS offered the following reply:

I might agree with that. It is identity. You could add Ofinism, Wicca Coven, Environmentalism, Feminism, Black Nationalism, Islamist, Marxist Cooperative, BDSM Kink, Hasidic Jew, Amish, LBGTQAism, … communities could be organized around each of these identities. Whole cultures on a local basis could be created, actually have been created around them. Question: if this were to happen, which flavor of City State would you join?

To which I offered the following response:

I’d probably drift between different ones. The Wild West community, then the Sci-Fi community, the Medieval community, then the Greco-Roman community, then the Shogunate community, etc.

The point is that minus state power most philosophies are either relatively harmless or at least capable of being contained. A world of voluntary lifestyle communities provides a means of defanging authoritarian ideologies.


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