Biden administration unveils plan to curb gun violence amid rising U.S. crime rates

Right on schedule. Attacking 2nd Amendment rights and strengthening federal law enforcement at the same time.

By National Politics Reporter

WASHINGTON — President Biden on Wednesday announced his administration’s plan to combat rising rates of violent crime that plague major cities across the United States by further clamping down on gun violence.

“I’ve been at this a long time,” said Biden, who was accompanied by Attorney General Merrick Garland. “There are things we know that work to reduce gun violence and violent crime: background checks for purchasing a firearm are important; [a] ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines; community policing programs that keep neighborhoods safe and keep folks out of trouble. These efforts work, they save lives.”

The White House is seeking to address a number of issues through a flurry of executive orders, from cutting off the flow of illegally sold firearms, to expanding summer programs, and notably by using a chunk of coronavirus relief money for localities and municipalities to allot to police departments. Earlier Wednesday, Biden met with several relevant stakeholders, convening Garland, mayors from Baltimore, Miami-Dade county, and Rapid City, S.D, activists and police representatives in an attempt to reach a consensus on a path forward.


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