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UK Charity Teaches Staff ‘White Women Reporting Rape By Black Men Support White Supremacy’

My guess is that this story is probably (mostly) true, but selectively chosen. Both the left and right like to pick out the worst examples from “the other side” they can find and hold those up as representative of their opponents generally.

By Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge

In the wake of sex scandals that have rocked the British charity, an Oxfam staff training document says “privileged white women” are supporting the root causes of sexual violence by wanting “bad men” imprisoned.

The Telegraph reports that the four-week ‘learning journey’ states that: “Mainstream feminism centres on privileged white women and demands that ‘bad men’ be fired or imprisoned”. Accompanied by a cartoon of a crying white woman, it adds that this “legitimises criminal punishment, harming black and other marginalised people”.


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