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‘Useful Idiots For Imperialism.’ – Aaron Maté Calls Out Pseudo ‘Left’ ‘Anti-interventionist’ Media

Izzy Award-winning Journalist Aaron Maté ( calls out media figures who claim to be Left and “anti-interventionist,” while totally ignoring the intervention in the countries they’re reporting on. Having recently been attacked for reporting from Syria, Maté responds to a segment from The Young Turks and Ana Kasperian who, after smearing Aaron as a working for dictators & denying the murder of children, went on to do a segment on the Syrian elections: “They will claim to be anti us intervention, they’ll claim to be leftist while simultaneously, in the case of this segment, omitting any of the most minimal facts about us intervention, the ten-year dirty war launched by the CIA, the occupying one third of the country, and the murderous sanctions that prevent it from rebuilding. Imagine doing a segment about Syria right now, claiming that you’re against intervention and not being able to name or acknowledge the most basic facts about the ongoing U.S. intervention that is making Syrians’ lives miserable. And then proceeding to advance all of the current talking points that are being used to justify U.S. intervention. It’s this cowardly thing of not wanting to own your actual position, which is simply ‘I’m going to be a useful idiot for imperialism’ and do exactly what the rest of the established media is doing to the extent that it’s talking about Syria at all and parrot all the talking points.

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