Political Correctness/Totalitarian Humanism

Soft Totalitarianism, Coming or Going?

By James M. Patterson, Law Liberty

Many Americans today live on edge. The arrival of COVID-19 has introduced an invisible enemy that attacks without reason or mercy. The policy responses of quarantine and shutdown have led to lay-offs, business failures, evictions, and foreclosures. Those still lucky enough to have a job often do not work for themselves but for large multi-national corporations sensitive to norms of diversity, equity, and inclusion. One article in The Spectator describes how global management consultancy firm Accenture began encouraging employees to wear rainbow-colored lanyards declaring employees “allies” in an effort to promote an inclusive workplace. The implication is that, if one does not wear the lanyard, then one is not an ally but an enemy who wants a discriminatory workplace. To refuse the lanyard is to risk one’s job. The practice is reminiscent of Václav Havel’s greengrocer in The Power of the Powerless, who hung a sign that said “Workers of the world unite!” in his shop window not because he believed in Marxist promises but because he feared reprisals from the communist government.


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