Another One Bites the Dust!!

These intra-libertarian civil wars are as funny as their parallels on the left.

I’ve never called myself a libertarian. For one thing, orthodox libertarians (the Mises-Hayek-Friedman-Rand-Rothbard) were always too corporation-friendly for my tastes. It doesn’t seem to do much good to oppose the king while lionizing the aristocracy. Plus, a lot of them seemed to me to be, in Bob Black’s words, “Republicans who take drugs” (the Reason/CATO types, for example). And others are just ordinary Republicans for whom everything is just about taxes and guns (even Rush Limbaugh, the Joseph Goebbels of the neocons, used to call himself a “conservative libertarian”). The “government is a threat to the morals of middle America” Lew Rockwellites never interested me much either. I used to call myself a libertarian socialist during my anarcho-syndicalist phase, but I’ve always preferred to call myself an “anarchist” because that automatically sets you apart from respectable society in a way that “libertarian” doesn’t. Although even that has been watered down to mean Chomsky’s anarcho-liberalism, skatepunks, or the Antifa idiots.

I’m neither an LP member nor an orthodox libertarian, so I don’t get a “vote” in this. But this is what a real “subversive” movement would look like:
First, openly and unabashedly attack the Israeli and Saudi lobbies and US subsidies to these countries, which will immediately have the effect of alienating the entire spectrum of the right-wing: neocons, super hawks, MIC, big oil, arms dealers, Christian Zionists, etc. Forget the “taxation is theft” and “cold dead fingers” stuff. The Repugnicans have already trademarked those.
Second, openly and unabashedly attack the tech-oligarchs by denouncing them as the modern-day robber barons that they are. By doing so, you will immediately distinguish yourself from neoliberals.
Third, openly and unabashedly attack hedge fund managers as the financial parasites they are. The Gamestop episode was universally popular with virtually all dissident tendencies. You will immediately alienate both supply-siders and neoliberals in the process.
Fourth, openly and unabashedly attack “woke” culture and become as zealous about free speech as the ACLU used to be, with a special emphasis on the most odious people. You will be attacked for enabling fascism by the left and for abetting Islamism and anti-Semitism by the right.

By Peter R. Quinones

I believe many of the people who subscribe to my Substack are here because I talk about issues and events related to the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus (LPMC) and their battle to overcome the radical Leftism that has infiltrated the party over the last several years. While I tend to be extremely critical of the Libertarian Party (LP), there are times I take shots at the LPMC as well. But I also believe in celebrating your victories and that’s what this post is about.

Before the LPMC formed, there was a particularly vile female member of the LP from New Hampshire named Jackie Perry (I can’t remember if that was her name back then because she has since married). Back in early 2017 I commented on a post of hers on Facebook (FB) and she immediately responded that my FB profile was similar to Nazis she had encountered elsewhere on the site. When I asked her what specifically she was referring to she threatened to block me. Back in those days I was more apt to move on rather than confront and call her out, so that is what I did. I instantly recognized that she was not the type of libertarian I was used to dealing with and made a mental note to avoid her. Since the creation of the LPMC, she has made them a target of her ire and harassment. Here’s her current Facebook profile picture:


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