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Keith Preston on what should be done about Israel and why liberal democracy won’t fix it

The Mindcrime liberty show interviews Keith Preston about Israel.  We discuss the past and future of Israel and how this conflict emerged and if any “solution” actually exists.  We begin the discussion by pointing out why a one state liberal democracy in the western European context, which is the de facto solution many of the western left such as Chomsky, Glen Greenwald and Cornel West give, will probably fail and lead to a civil war almost immediately.  We also discuss issues of immigration and homesteading and why the left hates Israeli as well as why the American left has failed to make any impact in favor of the Palestinians. We finally end with a discussion of the future of American-Israeli relations.  Has  American influence restrained Israel? Would Israel going alone be more aggressive? Who exactly controls whom in this relationship?  Does Israel have America wrapped its thumb or is it a more symbiotic relationship. 

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