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Oh, Did I Offend You? GOOD!

I’m neither an LP member nor an orthodox libertarian, so I don’t get a “vote” in this. But this is what a real “subversive” movement would look like:
First, openly and unabashedly attack the Israeli and Saudi lobbies and US subsidies to these countries, which will immediately have the effect of alienating the entire spectrum of the right-wing: neocons, super hawks, MIC, big oil, arms dealers, Christian Zionists, etc. Forget the “taxation is theft” and “cold dead fingers” stuff. The Repugnicans have already trademarked those.
Second, openly and unabashedly attack the tech-oligarchs by denouncing them as the modern-day robber barons that they are. By doing so, you will immediately distinguish yourself from neoliberals.
Third, openly and unabashedly attack hedge fund managers as the financial parasites they are. The Gamestop episode was universally popular with virtually all dissident tendencies. You will immediately alienate both supply-siders and neoliberals in the process.
Fourth, openly and unabashedly attack “woke” culture and become zealous about free speech as the ACLU used to be, with a special emphasis on the most odious people. You will be attacked for enabling fascism by the left and for abetting Islamism and anti-Semitism by the right.

By Peter R. Quinones

I’m not backing off my belief that the only way the Libertarian Party (LP) will become relevant is if the powers that be declare it a radical organization and/or a potential threat to “our democracy.” How else could the LP hope to get the kind of attention it needs to successfully get the message out to the masses that the neo-liberal center is a criminal cabal that rules every aspect of your life? That the corporate press is the cabal’s propaganda arm. Why isn’t the LP taking this route?

Members of the LP, along with many others promoting Rothbardian/Misesian/or whatever kind of liberty, simply have their priorities out of whack when it comes to the biggest dangers we face in society. Many of the loudest voices will decry an “offensive,” dark-humored meme before they’ll speak out against vaccine passports or possible mandatory vaccinations. Why? I believe it’s because it’s the easy way out. A certain segment of the population to whom these people grovel for acceptance, The Left, will praise them for their “anti-racist” stance, but will instantly attack them if they even remotely question the “vaccine religion” the Left has adopted.


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