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Is Income Inequality Good? Debating Objectivist Yaron Brook

An Objectivist vs. Vaush. This is WWE-level stuff here.

0:00 Intro 1:12 Vaush’s Opening Statement 3:15 Yaron’s Opening Statement 7:04 Vaush’s Rebuttal 9:17 Yaron’s Rebuttal 13:29 “An Angry Screed Against Wealth Redistribution” 16:18 Do Wages Have To Perfectly Track Onto Productivity? 18:48 “Don’t Just Go Along With The Party Line” 22:00 CEO’s Make the Jobs and Wealth? 27:39 How Do You Tell If Workers Aren’t Paid Enough? 30:59 Steve Jobs 34:40 “You’re Completely Perverting What I Said!” 36:50 Unions vs Corporations vs Worker Co-Ops 42:48 Wages vs Productivity 53:54 “What About Kings?” Feudalism 58:35 Welfare State? 1:02:14 Choosing Your King? 1:05:04 “You’re a BOOTLICKER Man!” 1:07:40 “Did CEOs Fight For Worker’s Rights?” 1:09:20 40 Hour Work Week 1:13:50 Making The World a Better Place 1:16:49 “The Problem With Leftists” 1:21:10 1820’s Child Labour 1:32:31 Vaush’s Closing Statement 1:36:51 Yaron Brook’s Closing Statement 1:44:09 Post Debate Thoughts


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