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Palestine: How You Can Actually Help w/ Abby Martin

As Israel’s heinous war crimes intensify, enormous crowds are mobilizing across the globe in support of Palestine. Are the Bitches naive to believe the tide may finally be turning toward justice? Abby Martin, creator of the Empire Files and director of Gaza Fights for Freedom, talks media lies, pro-Israel propaganda, and what people of conscience can do to support the liberation of Palestinians from apartheid. The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement is designed to isolate Israel, so how do we heed the BDS call? What other actions can we all take today? Plus, the Great March of Return: What it was, what the media told you it was, and what we all need to expect from Israel in response to nonviolent resistance. Hosted by Anissa Naouai, Ryan Wentz, Amanda Getty, Erica Marable and Gregory Haddock.

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