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Grand Jury CONSIDERS Charges Against Trump

Remember that Silvio Berlusconi went to jail after his term as Italy’s Prime Minister. Purging the opposition.

Team Rising reacts to reports of a grand jury convening to examine evidence in a criminal investigation into Trump’s business dealings.

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  1. Usually, if a grand jury is “considering” charges, it’s pretty much already in the can. The prosecutor who bragged that he could get a ham sandwich indicted wasn’t unique.

    There are exceptions. For example, in the case of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, the prosecutor didn’t want the heat for either charging the cop or not charging the cop, but didn’t want to charge the cop — so he took the case to the grand jury and acted as the cop’s defense attorney instead of actually seeking an indictment. (And no, that’s not an indication that I think the cop should be charged — if he had been, I predicted at the time, he’d likely have been acquitted because there was plenty of reasonable doubt)

    But the exceptions are rare. Usually if a prosecutor goes to a grand jury it’s because he wants indictments. And usually, he gets them.

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