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Jim Jordan Warns What He Thinks Democrats Will Do After “Defunding The Police”

This is what is going to happen. There will be a pullback on policing in poor and minority neighborhoods and communities (obviously, there is not going to be less policing in suburbs and wealthy areas). Crime rates will start to spiral as they did in the 70s and 80s. That will lead to renewed calls for law and order.
The feds will use that as a pretext for creating a national police force of supposedly well-trained, educated police who have supposedly been given sensitivity training and instructed in cultural competence, as opposed to the alleged uneducated, racist yokels who make up local police departments. Armies of woke social workers will be sent out to micromanage lower-class communities, and they will be backed up by SWAT Teams and DHS agents with BLM and Rainbow flag buttons and patches.
At present, there about 18,000 local police departments. I once heard a cop turned criminal justice professor say there could never be a coup in the US because the police are too disorganized and spread out for that to happen. I’m sure our new woke ruling class wants to change that. Most local cops are conservative, particularly in rural areas and secondary cities. They are also generally pro-2nd Amendment and support “2A sanctuaries” and all that. A nationalized police force would be a way of weeding all that out.

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