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Addressing “Anti-Woke” Leftists

I’m not a fan of Vaush, but this is an unusually articulate defense of the intersectional left perspective. Of course, his analysis is still contained within the narrow and overly reductionist race/class/gender framework and progressive/reactionary dualism. Institutions have interests of their own, over and above their formal function (see Weber). The state is the most obvious example (a fact that progressives almost never acknowledge or greatly minimize). It’s also a myth that all workers, women, minorities, gays, etc. have the same interests, goals, values, needs, etc. Planet Earth is a battlefield with 7.5 billion contestants pitted in a martial struggle against each other. Individuals group off into tribes with an infinite range of identities and interests. Trying to reduce everything to oppressed v. oppressors, progressives vs. reactionaries, good vs. evil, etc. is a remnant of archaic thinking from the past.

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