Skewed History

I don’t disagree with the contents of this article, but it is hardly the case that education was unbiased before social justice crusaders took it over. Educational institutions used to teach the American civil religion. Now they teach the social justice religion, that’s all.

By David Randall, Kevin R. C. Gutzman, Jason Ross, Bruce P. Frohnen, Amity Shlaes, William Pettinger, National Association of Scholars

America cannot survive if its children do not learn the history of their country. That’s because, in America, our history is the foundation of our public life and civic participation. We are a self-governing republic, and every bit of that depends on our knowing who we are and how we came to be that way.

Even those who hate America realize that our history is the key to our strength. That’s why they try so hard to erase, distort, and corrupt that history. Many others, who do not hate America but who nurse grievances against American society, look to the telling of history to advance their claims to redress.

All of this plays out in the textbooks that American schools use to teach history. Some of those textbooks have, in the past, been mere celebrations of America’s achievements. Others, unfortunately, have been mere diatribes concentrating on America’s faults—real and fancied. The majority of American history textbooks today fall between patriotic panegyric and cynical denunciation. They often edge, however, closer to the latter. America’s faults tend to loom very large in contemporary textbooks, while its accomplishments are writ small.

Our history told well should never omit America’s faults, but it should also serve as more than just a record of ‘what happened.’ The deeper purpose of teaching our history is to teach affection for our country. Learning the truth and developing affection for America are not at cross-purposes. That’s because our history is a history of overcoming great obstacles and, taught accurately, inspires love and delight. There is no more important component to American education.


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