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The Tuscarora Tribe Endured Violence and Upheaval, But Some Have Survived to Tell Their Story

By Mark Miller, Ancient-Origins

The Tuscarora tribe numbered an estimated 25,000 in some 24 villages, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia and North Carolina to the Shenandoah River and the Appalachian Mountains. Their numbers and territory were greatly reduced after contact with British colonists.

Eventually the Tuscarora tribe went north and became part of the Iroquois Confederacy. Many Tuscarora people now live on a reservation in New York State. Today they number about 7,500 and live in New York, Ontario, and a few in North Carolina, says the website Native Heritage Project .

At the time of contact:

“They had as many as 24 large towns and could muster 6,000 warriors. Lawson wrote that in 1708 the Tuscarora had 15 towns and about 1,200 warriors. Perhaps a minimum estimate of the true number of their fighting men would be 1,200 persons and 6 towns.”


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