The Anarcho-Fascist Manifesto

For the defense.

The Revolutionary Conservative

Today, April 20, 2021, we decreed the birth of the NTC, this being our first day of public struggle for the Tempestist Revolution: calling for the organization of our struggle and resistance. Our only objective is the destruction of the system and our fight is against its representatives. Our aim is the coordination of all those with the same objective, organizing all groups and individuals in a resistance without leaders. We do not have an interest in political militancy, we are only interested in action and our only law is The Tempest.

If we wanted to use a label to enclose our free will of action in its political terms, this label would be that of Anarcho-Fascism. Uniting the most radical point of the left and the most radical extreme of the right (removing in the process everything that is left and right), we would have the closest thing to the Tempestist worldview within political language.

Anarcho-Fascism is Tempestism and Tempestism is an eternal “YES” to the struggle, and beyond that, it is to provoke the conflict itself from within and outside of itself. An inexhaustible war against the ego, against the person, against the whole. That is why we find it necessary to expose and structure the vision of the world of the current 1611, as is done here in this manifesto that coordinates the external struggle of anyone who shares our vision of the cosmos or who seeks our same goals even without our optics.

Tempestism does not seek members, Tempestism is born to raise the voice among neighbors and call equals. Wherever it comes from, what we want is to celebrate with those few destined for the heights. Our ideal does not belong to this world, and its goal is a throne above the stars and higher still.

The way in which we will achieve our objectives is by presenting Tempestism to the world and by practicing the Tempestist hypothesis, which we have to call Anarcho-Fascism to cause maximum stridency in those who are not able to act alongside us in order to attack all separately but to the same objective, each one seeking the same goal through his own method and at his own pace, but never stopping in the search for the conquest of the State and the total destruction of the system.


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