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Facebook’s Ban Has CRUSHED Trump. That’s Not Good.

The tech-oligarchs are what you get when you combine the aristocracy and the clerisy to the point they can collectively overrule even royalty.

Krystal Ball explains how Facebook’s ban of Donald Trump “worked more effectively than anyone predicted.”

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    • He’s about half her height and almost twice her width, lol. I think her husband is one of those fat cat hedge fund managers or capitalist pigs she otherwise has no use for, lol.

      Yeah, I respect Krystal’s willingness to call out both the neoliberals and the intersectionalists to some degree, although she’s still too friendly to both for my tastes, and too much of a progressive/social democratic ideologue. She’s the female version of her buddy Kyle Kulinski. I don’t care for Saager’s Carlsonism, either. Their program is one of the few, perhaps the only, “big media” programs that does any real journalism, as opposed to just being a variation of pro-wrestling. But it’s still far, far, too middle of the road.

    • Holy shits that’s gold. I can’t stand that girl speaking for a millisecond, and that picture encompasses all my reasons, including the subconscious ones.

  1. It’s also about the program where two very opinionated people have actual conversations about things upon which they disagree & simply agree to disagree: no screaming, no ad hominem, etc. You don’t see much of that anymore …

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