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Baptisms, miracles taking place in revival at site where George Floyd died, Christian groups say

From June, but still a poignant one.

By Leonardo Blair, Christian Post Reporter

A number of Christian groups that have been holding revival services at the site where George Floyd died in Minneapolis say they’re seeing many people turn to God in baptisms and miracles are happening.

“So tonight God’s moving. There’s a lot of people that gave their lives to the Lord again. We were baptizing people right here at the memorial. God’s on the move. It’s wonderful,” said Joshua Lindquist, a young Christian leader with Global Revival Harvest, who has been broadcasting the Unity Revival on his Facebook page since it started on Wednesday.

“I have a friend of mine, his name is J.T. Thomas, he said, ‘revival is the new form of protest.’ Meaning, when injustice happens and the pain is there, the best way to heal hearts and to bring what’s right and to bring what’s truly real, is to petition Heaven. When revival breaks out it’s the kingdom of Heaven breaking in,” he said in a broadcast from Thursday night.


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