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5 Reasons Why Black Polygamy Is Trending Today

I have long believed that there will eventually be a movement to legalize polygamy in the US, between the polyamory movement, immigration from cultures where polygamy is acceptable, and the growth of religious and ethnic subcultures that embrace polygamy.

Pan-African Alliance

Black polygamy has been low key trending for decades. Its no secret that there is a disproportionate number of Black men in prison in the West. Combine that with an oppressive system of welfare and imbalances in the earning power of Black women and you have a recipe for dysfunctional Black family units. 

In the wake of the New Jim Crow and the welfare system in the west and economic instability elsewhere, polygamy has become a trending topic as a way to restore the Black family. 

Whether polygamy is a response to the system of mass incarceration or an economic strategy, there has been a growing group of Black polygamist families who swear by the practice. Even if you don’t agree with the practice, it has been going on much longer (and is much more widely accepted) than Christianity would have you believe.


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