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America’s Future is in Hawaii

By Peter Van Buren, The American Conservative

I have seen America’s future. It looks a lot like Hawaii.

The future includes internal travel restrictions—on Americans moving around inside their own country—never before thought possible, or even constitutional. Hawaii, an American state, had to decide if they accepted American me, much as a foreign country controls its borders and decides which outsiders may enter.

Despite my two vaccinations, Hawaii required a very specific $119 COVID test, which, after I clicked “Accept” several times, sent my DNA information to everyone buried in the Terms of Service. For them who don’t think good, today it’s a COVID test, tomorrow other criteria may be applied. Aloha!

The future includes restrictions that once in place never go away. After the health screening, when I finally got to the TSA bomb detecting set up at the airport, I felt nostalgic. Just like the good old days when we worried about Muslim terrorists instead of each other turning our planes into flying death tubes. It felt…quaint…to remove my shoes, all because some knucklehead failed to explode his shoe bomb and was subdued by other passengers 12 years ago. For old times’ sake I prepared mentally to subdue my cabin mates.


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