Why Does Your ‘Family’ Hate You?

By Peter R. Quinones

“I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member” – Groucho Marx

When I think about that Groucho quote I wonder if he was a libertarian.

Many in the Libertarian Party (LP) can’t comprehend what Dave Smith is doing in regard to his massive recruiting drive. Yet, among those that do understand, there exists a group that is infuriated even more than those who are clueless. And this group is poisoning the clueless minds with propaganda that intelligent people should easily identify. Let’s look at the strategy and then the two groups.

Dave, Scott Horton, Michael Heise and anyone else on board with “the plan” understand that libertarians en masse have been driven away from the LP. Whether this was the work of nefarious actors or just organic as the culture shifts Left doesn’t really matter. The fact is that the majority of people who identify with the libertarian ideology want fuck-all to do with the party. And what is their main complaint? That the messaging is not libertarian. So, how would one seek to make the message more in line with classic libertarian thought? Put people into positions of power who can change the current party messaging and actions. That is done by recruiting people into the party who share that goal. But those who currently hold positions of power and influence, especially in a small pond where they feel exalted by their group, will not relinquish power easily. Hence the recent “smears” of those trying to return to classic libertarian ideology.


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