‘Would You Cut Off 50% Of The People?’ – Yes, and More!

By Peter R. Quinones

It happened again. I’ve never been around a diagnosed schizophrenic, but it may sound a bit like the following. Heard someone perfectly describe the “Woke-Left” (WL) in all their lunacy, explaining they can’t be reasoned with and they are dangerous to liberty; only to have this person, in the same conversation, criticize those calling for separation from the WL – aka, secession – abandonment and that we need to work together. Had to ask myself, was I high? Did I hear them wrong? Maybe I was, but I heard the message perfectly fine.

At this stage in the game, especially after 2020 and the Left’s war on the people using CV19 as an excuse, anyone believing the WL are redeemable is beyond me. There are certain people on the Left, Andrew Cuomo being one that immediately comes to mind, who deserve to be treated as a traitor to the people who elected them and handled in the way traitors have been historically. Especially one like Cuomo who is directly responsible for the death of over ten thousand of the citizens he swore to protect. We are a society that cries in horror when an individual murders another, but makes excuses when the warlords we are allowed to vote for murder in the five figures. We are weak.

The idea that there are people who recognize the evils of the modern Left and still want to be locked into a political system with them makes me question their judgment. Do they believe they’re being good people. Do they think they’re being benevolent? Do they think they can convince the WL with the right argument? Honestly, I don’t care what their reasoning is. They’re misguided at best and brain-damaged at worst.

Would I be willing to separate myself from 50% of the population?


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