By E. Colin Ruggero

Resistance Studies Magazine

We are glad to present articles that demonstrate the multifaceted area of resistance studies. MikeMowbray discusses the online presentation and discussion of 2008 Greek riots as virtual spaces of opposition to mainstream account. James M. Statman looks at the psycho-political meaning of the sacrificial burning of a car in a South African township with regard to rebellion and reconciliation.E. Colin Ruggero provides a critique of widely read Leftist discourse followed by a Gramscianperspective of social change. Jeffrey Shantz provides new perspectives on social movements, highlighting affinity-based organizing, self-valorization, as discussed in autonomist Marxism and do-it-yourself politics. In this issue we are glad to share a book review of Douglas R. Egerton’sDeath or Liberty: African Americans and Revolutionary America submitted by Ed Kinane. The diversity of the articles demonstrates the myriad of paths resistance studies can take. We are glad to unite the contributions under the three main tenants of Resistance Studies Magazine:

• to raise awareness of current resistance activities.

• to promote the theoretical and empirical study of resistance.

• to intensify networking within resistance studies in order to inspire further research and connect researchers around the world.

As editors, we are continuously searching through the publication catalogues in search of new and forthcoming literature on resistance studies. We added a new feature to this issue, where we share a list of new, upcoming and recommendable publications. We encourage readers and authors to provide us with any kind of new publications that they consider relevant to resistance studies. As a zero-budget, open-access academic journal, the publication of every issue is both a challenge and a success. We are grateful to the authors for their collaboration, to the reviewers for their dedication and to the readers for their continued interest. We are open to any comments, suggestions and critique regarding upcoming issues.


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